Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 Draft Grades #26-32

Well the 2013 draft is officially in the books.  As we do every year, let grade out all of the teams to see how they did.  As with the first round grades these grades these grades take into account how well the player drafted fits the team's style of play and needs.  I also look to see how much value the team got from every pick.  Teams that reach are impacted negatively, and teams that take high ranked players on my board at later positions are rewarded.  Each selection is individually graded (A-F) and then those grades are averaged out at the end to get an overall Draft Point Average (DPA).  This scales from 4.0 (an 'A' grade for every pick) down to 0.0 (an 'F' grade for every pick).  Of course these ratings are based on what we know right now.  That means in 3-5 years from now, this could prove to be very different.  As is usual here at EZ Football Futures, we will start from the bottom and work our way up to the top.

#32 New York Giants     DPA 2.09
I love Jerry Reese as a GM.  I think what he has done overall with the Giants is quite remarkable.  Having said that, I am not so in love with the Giants haul during this draft.  The team needed help on their front, and they used their first round pick on Justin Pugh.  To me this was a reach, especially considering some of their other needs and players available.  John Hankins in the second round was another pick I really did not love.  Their best pick was in round 3 with Demontre Moore.  In the Giants system, he could become an impact player off the edge.

#31 Detroit Lions     DPA 2.09
The Lions were on the upswing, but this draft is not going to do too much to help.  Sure, they landed an immense upside player in Ziggy Ansah with their round one pick, but Ansah does in fact come with some significant risk.  Slay in round two is a nice fit, and I also like but not love the addition of Larry Warford in round 3.  At the end of this one this draft is really lackluster in my opinion.

#30 Indianapolis Colts     DPA 2.11
Last year Ryan Grigson did a lot of good things with the Colts draft, and he helped push this team from the cellar right into the playoffs.  This year's draft although thorough lacks spark.  Bjoern Werner is a decent pick in round 1, but he leaves some questions in my mind.  Beyond the first round, every other pick fills needs, but is unremarkable as a whole.  At then end of the day this draft will provide Indy with some much needed depth, but I don't see this producing any stars.

#29 Buffalo Bills      DPA 2.15
This draft is an example of how one errant selection could ruin the whole thing.  Overall I actually like what the Bills did.  I love the Robert Woods pickup in the second round, and I am a fan of the 3rd round addition of Marquise Goodwin too.  All of a sudden the Bills have a receiving corp.  I also like the Kiko Alonso and Duke Williams additions for their defense. Despite this they come in this low because of the super reach in round 1 for EJ Manuel.  Maybe he turns out to be a franchise QB for the Bills.  I just don't think so.

#28 Cleveland Browns     DPA 2.16
The Browns did not have a lot to work with having only 5 picks.  They burned a second rounder to take Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft a year ago.  That was an excellent addition.  Beyond that though, the Mingo pick in round 1 comes with major boom/bust potential.  The McFadden pick in the third was okay.  I did like the Jamoris Slaughter pick back in the sixth round though.  Cleveland has a long way to go to rebuild this franchise, but Michael Lombardi has taken the first steps.  Small steps, but steps none the less.

#27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers     DPA 2.20
Most of the good works the Bucs have done this offseason came before the draft.  At the end of last season, I was very critical of the Bucs secondary, calling it the worst in the NFL.  They placed a focus on the unit, and between the trade for Revis, and signing of Goldson, the unit is now looking quite good.  Which brings me to the Bucs first selection in the draft, Jonathan Banks in round 2.  I like Banks, but I am not sure the pick made much sense any longer. With a need at linebacker and Arthur Brown still inexplicably available, that should have been their selection.  Their other picks were alright.  I like the addition of William Gholston, but Mike Glennon seems to be too much like their incumbent, Josh Freeman for me to be excited.

#26 Green Bay Packers     DPA 2.29
I mentioned in my first round analysis how hard it is for me to Packer bash considering the great success they have had.  They needed to address their anemic running game, and they did this well.  Adding Eddy Lacy at the back end of the second round was a steal, and I also like the addition of Johnathan Franklin too.  The Datone Jones pick in the first is still a bit of question mark for me, and none of the other picks really strike me as outstanding.